Schondy's Place

Welcome to my spot on the web. I'm not sure what I want this page to become. Basically, my focus is on updating the photo blog. I'll just put stuff here that's worth posting up, but doesn't fit well in a blog format. You might call it a "homepage", although I don't really live here.

Stuff for Public Consumption

My photoblog, A Thousand Words. Now that I have a blog I've finally entered the 21st century.

Pictures from the San Francisco Zoo.

Pictures from Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008.

Pictures from Maker Faire Bay Area 2008.

My daily comic navigator. Not pretty, but it lets me step through all the comics that are supposed to be new today.

A comic from my college days that I have let die.

Some of my (early) attempts at being artistic.

You can also mail me, if you want.

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